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09 March 2011

RE: Nutrition - 9 Mar 2011 - Refined Carbs; Soy - Cruel and Unusual Punishment

To humour Mike and because he has generously allowed to me thumb through his hard copy recipe books (with pictures!)…..

Eric’s been cutting wheat the past month as have many of you. About 10 days ago (Sunday), I told him I was low on flour and should I purchase another 50 lb. bag from Costco? He suggested that we experiment with cutting out flour from the kids’ diet and that would perhaps help with some of our almost 7 year old boy’s temper tantrums and hyper-activity (especially at bed time!). Monday and Tuesday went well with me cooking higher protein and more veggie meals and snacks. I quickly noticed some improvements in Cyrus’ self-control and ability to focus in on school assignments even though he really didn’t “want” to do them. (He was still bouncy, but the focus was a bit different and it was fun to see the wheels turn in his brain as he seemed to have the emotional energy to dig in and apply himself.)

Wednesday a friend brought sub sandwiches as a gift. Because gratefulness is a virtue in our house, we at them for lunch. J Cyrus also produced a whopper of a temper tantrum in the afternoon while reviewing his music note cards. We went back to cutting the wheat and sugar. Saturday morning he INITIATED sitting down and playing his piano assignment and we actually got through the spelling and morning chores several days in a row. Only the future will tell, but we have seen some immediately gratifying glimmers of using the paleo concepts to help raise energy levels (mine), decrease stress with happier kids, and build relationships.

Sunday we tried coconut flour pancakes. They were sweet and extremely filling.

Katie Walker

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