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04 March 2011

Nutrition - 4 March 2011 - Paleo Goes Primetime...and 2 recipes!

Good Morning, All!


The end of the work-week is upon us – now onto the increased activity and play of our week's end!


Today's post will be another short one. We were up too late last night and need to head back over to the convention early this morning. As time is the deciding factor I am choosing to let some of our favorite blog authors share some of their thoughts with you today. First, Mark Sisson of MDA gives us a breakdown on how we "modern cavemen" can use modern internet technology in our pursuit of better health. Then, Sarah Fragaso of everydaypaleo.com shares with us a fun recipe that lets the kids do the work AND brings back the fun of burgers on a Friday night.


Nutrition Tip of the Day: Challenge yourself. Yes, we've heard this one before – kind of. The next time you read the paper pull out the crossword and other puzzles and dabble on them through the day. Exercising your brain is as important to staving off various ailments as keeping the dangerous plant toxins and antinutrients out of your foods.


Workout of the Day: Another grab and go! Work-out: 6 rounds for time – 10 meter bear crawl, 10 burpees, 10 meters of broad jumps, 10 jack-knife sit-ups.


There will be a meeting today in Building 43. Neseth will again be showing the Big Fat Truth video. If you saw it once – see it again! If you haven't seen it at all – don't miss it!


And check out Robb Wolf and Art De Vany – Paleo/Evolution diet extraordinaire - Paleo Diet on Nightline. It's a wonderful thing to get this kind of exposure and for the nation to start learning that yes, you can thrive on NOT eating whole grains and beans.


Onto our guest posts for the day…


Have a brilliant weekend!



7 High-Tech Tools for Better Primal Living

laptop grok

Superficial observers of the ever-growing Primal movement often assume us to be a bunch loin-clothed Luddites, but, generally speaking, we aren't paleo-romaticists eschewing all things new. In fact, many of us are nerds, technophiles, and gadget freaks that embrace the digital age. Sure, instead of slumping in a chair with Cheeto dust 'staches, we're constructing makeshift standup workstations with lard-slicked lips, but computers are still a part of our lives. Today's post is about highlighting the tools that enable better Primal living through technology. There are some good ones out there, some new, some old and largely unnoticed, but all deserve a good hard look.

Keep reading…



Posted on  by Sarah



Last night's dinner, if anything, was pure fun.  The boys did most of the work as I supervised and the mess was nothing short of epic!  I should have taken a picture of the "aftermath" but as I stated on my Facebook page last night, life's too short to do anything but embrace the craziness!   Continue reading 



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