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Welcome to the LanCo Whole Health Group Blog! We started as a few employees at CNH interested in learning more about nutrition and general well-being. Since our first meeting in January of 2011 our membership has increasingly grown within our local company offices as well as to a number of friends and family outside of our area. We invite you to become a member as well!

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10 March 2011

Nutrition - 10 Mar 2011 - Welcomes, Congratulations, and a Do Nothing Day!

Good Afternoon, Team!


Rain, Rain Come Our Way! It’s another soaking day out here in Lancaster. This is a wonderful time to be reminded of the power of variability and how Mother Nature knows just when she needs to open the skies and scrub away the mud and worries that build up over time. Let us embrace this refreshing of the world around us and invite it into our own lives. How you do it is up to you!


As is our custom here – we would like to welcome several new members to our group. We officially have our first off-site company employee on the rolls. Let’s welcome CNH Capital IT employee Gadeer Museteif out in Racine! She will be joining us in our weekly meetings when on the campus here in New Holland.


A little closer to home come two of our design engineers in the Combine department – Cooper Linde and Curtis Hillen. Welcome, gentlemen!


This a good time to remind everyone to go to our blog and check back on the previous emails. As you read through them – if you have questions please email me directly. Also, if there is an attachment referenced and you do not have it – let me know and I’ll get it right over to you! The blog can be found at cnhnutrition.blogspot.com and is viewable through the CNH filter at the current time.


A big CONGRATULATIONS is in order to three of our very first members (in fact they are the reason we put this group together) – Sandi, Sandy, and Colleen have informed me that they took the Week 7 prize in the 2011 Biggest Loser Challenge! Great job ladies! We’re behind you all the way!


Seven weeks into this challenge on our campus and teams are starting to see a reduction in weight loss. There was even a gain. This is where we start to see such events happening. Mostly, it is due to the lack of education and real change in many people’s plan. There tends to be a quick loss of weight due to the upchange in fitness levels as well as caloric restriction. At this point the body has adjusted to the chronic cardio of 30 minutes on the treadmill and has stopped losing water and muscle (yes, muscle – we talked about this previously, we can cover it again if needed). All of you are continuing to see real, positive results  because of the proper eating habits you are instilling and the constant variation of your fitness routines. And the lack of the excess dietary carbohydrate intake (as is normal in a Standard American Diet - SAD), decrease in fake food consumption (bagged, bottled, processed), and increased body awareness will continue to bring your body into homeostasis while using up the excess energy you have stored up over the years. Just ask Greg who hasn’t changed his fitness one bit yet has lost 16 pounds so far!


Continue on the path you are on. Let’s make a few more positive changes and before we know it – you’ll end up right where you wanted to be!


Nutrition Tip of the Day: Avoid Poisonous Things. Whether this be plant (ivy), animal (bear), grains/beans/processed foods/hydrogenated fats (wink, wink), or even some of the people in your life – the easiest way and best way to get healthy is to simply avoid them. This includes the cookie tray at work (my weakness – thanks to Doug Gable’s amazingly talented wife)! Or, in a lot of cases, a person who whenever they are near causes you stress – except your boss, that is. This can be a tough one! Below Mark Sisson outlines a sometimes poisonous food. Nightshades. How can you know if something is poisonous in your life? Give it the 30 day challenge! Cut it out completely for 30 days – then give it a reintroduction. Don’t feel well? Stressed? Sick? Tired? Etc? Then it is not a good choice for you. I can’t do some types of dairy – but maybe you can. I can eat tomatoes though so sometimes it works out. We heard from Katie yesterday about the reintroduction of bread into a little ones meal and what the affect was. Many of you have commented to me privately of similar feelings. My uber realtor Sharon (also a member here!) told me just Tuesday about the affect she had after a recent reintroduction of a food long removed from her diet. The stories are all the same. Just give it 30 days. That’s all I can ask. Do you have a story to share? Click Reply All or Comment and let us know!


Workout of the Day: DO NOTHING. Okay – not nothing. But seriously, nothing. Grab a board game and some candles – relearn the game of LIFE or try SCRABBLE again. My favorite word? Pulchritudinous. Oh wait – that’s too long. Well QUIP always is good for lots of points.  And Chess. Is there a better game to exercise the brain? And the Knight takes the Queen! (The crowd goes wild! OOOhhh…AAAAhhh…)


MEETING TOMORROW! See you at noon!


To walking lightly and overhead squatting a heavy stick.




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As you (our gracious company of Apples) know, we unequivocally love our vegetables. Powerhouses of nutrients and antioxidant action, they’re the backbone of a good Primal Blueprint diet. But the issue of nightshades has come up a few times recently. Nightshades, those vegetables that find their roots in the Solanaceae family of plants, include a host of reputable veggies and spices: eggplant, potatoes (yes, we know, not so reputable), peppers, tomatoes, tomatillos, pimentos, paprika, cayenne pepper, Tabasco sauce, et al. (Black pepper isn’t included in this list.)


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