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15 March 2011

Nutrition - 15 Mar 2011 - Meeting notes, Comments, and Tips.

Good Afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen!


Writing today’s post after the semi-weekly meeting is very different as now I have so many new topics floating inside my thoughts! We had a very productive meeting with a great turn-out of some of our newest members. The free-flowing meeting discussed many topics ranging from what to eat and when to eat up to hormone sensitivities and the energy pathways. As such we didn’t touch on the lingering topic of inflammation, but I feel that what we are learning in this type of discussion is far more valuable than any type of programmed class could be. So – I’m attaching the inflammation stuff as written by our dear friend Mark Sisson for you to review and ask questions about later.


I wanted to share a story with you all from yesterday. Okay, it’s not much of a story but here goes anyway. When I woke up yesterday I was not hungry so I decided just to grab my lunch and head to work. Working through lunch I found myself finally thinking of food somewhere around 1:30. Heating up a scrumptious throw-together from a few days ago I settled into my cubicle to eat in solitude when – by the minute – heads started popping up over the cubicle walls and I kept hearing “Oh, there you are. I smelled something good – figured that it had to be Kizis!” At least five times this happened before I got through my meal. None of these guys are in our group and even less care much about what they eat. But it made me feel good to know that I was eating something really healthy – that took about three minutes to put together – and every single person who walked by thought enough of how good it smelled to say something about it. J Have you had a similar experience to share?


As you all know, I love to get comments back about the articles posted and all the other things that you are exploring on your own. Yesterday, I was stopped by a reader of our emails and we talked some about life in general. When the group emails were brought up the conversation went like this: “How do you like the emails? Are you finding anything of value?” Him: “Yeah, they’re great. Now I just have to do it!” Me: “You have a good point!” Him: “I want to run a faster 5k. Can you help me out with that.” Me: “You bet! I’ll give you a thirty day plan. Follow it and we’ll see how you do!” That’s it guys. No matter what – eating, fitness, sleep, etc – if you want it, just let me know! I’ll get you a solid plan that you can try out for thirty days to see where you end up. Just ask!


Attached is this plan. It is designed to work by itself but you can increase its’ effectiveness by added in the strength and conditioning aspect (the workouts I give you daily). Anyone can do this. Just give it your best shot and follow the program. In 30 days we’ll be excited to hear how you do! Here’s how it works. If you have a distance time then just use that and start on day one. If you don’t then on day 1 you need to replace the workout and do a time trial at that distance. After that follow the program and on day 32, re-run your time trial. Make sure you are not doing this on a treadmill unless it states specifically to do so. You need the ability to be outside and also to have your speed change as needed. Most of all – have fun!


Comment of the Day: “Mike,  we're descendants of the homo sapiens,  not Neanderthals,  therefore,  who cares what they ate,,, they are extinct. “ The point of the article was this: the Neanderthal was not a vegetarian. The remains were found with starches on the teeth because they were in the brink of extinction and with no animal based food to eat they were trying to survive by eating anything they could. In this case, grains - which have been for years considered a starvation food due to the high amount of energy required to make it edible and the general lack of nutritional value received from them. So yes, while they were found with starch on the teeth it was not because grains were a staple of their diet - it was because they were about to die and had no other choice. They wouldn't have been eating them otherwise. Now they are gone completely. I won't blame the grains but it obviously didn't save them.


Nutrition Tip of the Day: Set Goals! We at CNH just went through our goal setting process and it was quite the ordeal. However, your own goals need not be such a big event. They are, however, very important to your success as they give you a defined path to follow. The acronym SMART was used for what we just did and it works well here too. (I probably don’t have them exactly correct but the idea is there)






Today’s 30 day run plan was brought about because someone had decided to set a goal. This one was to run a 5k in less than 22:30 in 30 days. If you look at it, it hits all the points of SMART. We know exactly what they want to do and when they want to do it by. It is also not an unreasonable goal for this person’s current abilities.


Take some time tonight to set some goals for yourself. Let’s each make one goal for our nutrition and one general life goal in each of the following time realms: 30 days, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year. If you’re really feeling ambitious – go ahead and make some longer term (3 years, 5-10 years) goals as well. Feel free to make as many as you wish! Make your short term goals reasonable and you are more likely to attain them. I’m going to start with not carrying my coffee cup in the same hand as any paperwork or books for 30 days. I’m also going to commit to posting my food log every day on my personal workout blog for no less than three months – I started yesterday. In six months, I will have a mile time under 6 minutes, a deadlift over 450, and a sub-5 minute “Fran.” One year from now, my goal is to have the major repairs done on my property and be in the market for a second home.


Share with us (or just me!) your goals. The more people you tell – the more likely you are to achieve them!


Workout of the Day: Warm-up: 2 rounds of 15 – Jumping Jacks, Runners Stretch, Push-ups, Samson Stretch, Squat(hold bottom for 10 secs!) Work-out: Run 5K, or run for 30 minutes for as far as you can!


For those of you who are having trouble coming up with ideas for lunch: 100 Primal Lunches


To Goals! And friends who will help you achieve them,


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