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18 March 2011

Nutrition - 18 Mar 2011 - Member Highlight

Good Morning, All!


Today we have a very special post. Over the past 8 weeks our group was started from very humble beginnings  - a few friends asking for assistance in learning how to eat better because they did not have access to the company health system. Since then it has grown to include 30 members both on-site and off-site,  daily email, twice a week meetings, and an active blog. With all of this going on we sometimes forget to pause in reflection about the things that are most important to this success – each other. Today starts a weekly posting to highlight at least one member of our group - to reflect, honor, support, encourage, and draw motivation from. I thought it most appropriate to begin with the young lady who sent the first email that started it all:


sandi.jpgSandi Lemishko is a local girl, Lancaster County born and raised.  She currently works for CNH on the NH campus as a Supplier Recovery Specialist. When she joined the Biggest Loser competition for 2011 she saw an opportunity to change her nutrition in a very permanent way and jumped on it. A couple quick emails and she became a founding member of the CNH Nutrition Support group. Since starting she has seen steady weight loss, joined a CSA, and has switched to eating grass-fed meats. We asked her some questions about nutrition and life in general and here are her answers:


1.       What was your motivation to join? I joined the biggest loser competition here at work and your little speech about nutrition caught my attention. I know that nutrition is a big part of being healthy any tips was important. Our first meeting was not what I expected! But I was willing to step outside the box because nothing I did before helped me.


2.       What is your current 3 month health goal? to lose 2 pounds a week during the biggest loser competition.

6 month? To continue to lose weight, keep it off and improve my overall health.

1 year? To continue to lose weight, keep it off and improve my overall health. I hope to bring my other family members into Paleo.

Are you on path to hit it? Yes, I think I am paleo has changed my life.


3.       Since joining the group, what is the most interesting new food/ingredient you’ve tried? Almond milk – I was a big cow milk drinker. I love it ice cold going down after a hard day’s work and love the satiety feeling in my belly. And at 35 calories a pop I can do 16 oz of it – yum. Almond butter! Love it.


4.       What is your favorite recipe/go-to so far? (attach the link or recipe if available) I like the spaghetti squash with meatballs and low sugar sauce.


5.       Give us two of your personal tips/tricks for making good nutrition work for you! Plan ahead, and if you didn’t plan ahead you are not going to die if you skip eating to prevent eating poison. I went to the Camden aquarium and we didn’t plan to well we were all hungry as soon as we got there. Not many healthy choices, veggie sandwich and oriental Cole slaw. After paying an arm and a leg for the food, I picked off the poison>>>cheese and threw away the bread all that was left was 4 slices of squash, 2 slices of a portabella mushroom and lettuce. Yummy for 6 plus bucks. Plan ahead!!!


6.       Is your family also on-board with your new lifestyle? Not fully but I am working on them. They have to eat what I cook which has been paleo, steak I get no grips about now the veggies I do but dipping them in butter brings smiles to us all.  Slowly they are coming around, for example we have cut out breakfast cereals.


7.       What is your favorite leisure activity? During the warmer months camping with my family. Going to concerts.  

Sport to play? I am digging the Kenpo X exercise video from P90X. I work up a sweat and get to take my aggressions out on the air. Haha. Plus when I am doing this my son sees me MOVING and not sitting in front of the TV.


8.       What is one topic that you follow daily (i.e. politics, music, sports, paleo/primal blogs)? I would have to say top 40 music and paleo/primal blogs.


1.       -http://www.marksdailyapple.com/

2.       -http://everydaypaleo.com/

3.       -http://whatsinwhatyoueat.org/about/

4.       -http://paleodietlifestyle.com/how-we-get-fat/

5.       -http://robbwolf.com/


9.       What did you want to be when you were growing up? I wanted to be an elementary school teacher and it's a long story how I got to be a Supplier Recovery Analyst working for CNH.


10.   Name one item on your bucket list. To travel to Europe. Make time to learn to play the piano.


11.   Share your favorite quote with us! Mike Kizis quotes “its poison – anything processed” or “if it has an expiration date its suspect” or “your mood swings give me whiplash” – from the Twilight movie.


Thank you for sharing with us Sandi! I am very proud of your accomplishments and look forward to your continued success.


Workout of the Day: Warm-up- 2 rounds of 15 – Jumping Jacks, Runners Stretch, Push-ups, Samson Stretch, Squat (hold bottom!)  Work-out- 10 rounds for time of 100 meter sprints with 90 seconds rest. If you come to the meeting today, most likely we will spend it outside and I am willing to get put through this workout as it is intended. Change into your workout gear and join me! It’ll only take 10 minutes…


Reminder, there is a meeting today! We will be in Building 43 to get started then out to the picnic tables for a dose of Vitamin D! Bring your lunches, questions, and sneakers! ;-)


To Reflection and Taking That First Step,


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