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17 February 2011

Nutrition - 17 Feb 2011 - Class Notes and Tips

Happy Thursday, All!

This morning, our friendly Mr. Outlook decided that it would quit on me every time that I would have your email ready for delivery! Fingers crossed that this time it all goes through.

As we get started, as is the tradition, let us welcome our newest member to our followers – Sharon!

The calendar beacon has started to flash to tell me that yesterday was your four week weigh-in! I'm excited to hear how you have done! If you are following our basic principles: Eat whole, natural foods; proper portions; be active; sleep; and relax! then I am absolutely certain that you are continuing to see your overall numbers declining. Bring your successes to share on Friday! If you can't make it then hit "reply all" and celebrate your news!

This 4 week mark also means that it is time to retake your measurements as well as your pictures. For any of you who did not take measurements or pictures before – this is a very important part of our journey. Take the following measurements – Height, Weight, Age, Hips (widest point), Waist (widest point – use umbilicus as reference point), Wrist on dominant hand. Take the following pictures – full body (frontal, back, side), face (frontal, profile). The fewer clothes the better. Make any clothing form-fitting. These will not be posted anywhere so don't hold back for fear. I'm not even asking to see them right now. Though I know that without a doubt you will want to share your "before" and "after" pictures in six months! I did! (caution: I'm not wearing much in that post – you've been forewarned guys.) And please get these numbers done by next Monday – I need them for my records and to update your numbers!

Today I am attaching several files. The first are the speaker notes from Tuesday's class. They involve the states of being "fed" and what is occurring in the body. Please read through them and bring your questions to class tomorrow (or email them to me). It is really important that you pay attention to the role LEPTIN has within the states. Leptin tells the body we are "fed" or "full." It is vitally important (more so than even insulin!) and we need to know what affects its' operation. Since tomorrow is the first planned class on a specific food group (grains) where we will be introducing LECTINS it is even more important to not mix them up. Leptin helps us. Lectin hurts us.

Nutrition Tip of the Day: Yes, intermittent fasting is good for you. Give it a try! The second file is the entire post of the "teaser" below. It is on Intermittent Fasting. Lately, I've been experiencing decreased hunger in myself. This seems to be due to the weather warming up and my body turning the engine up to burn off the adipose tissue that it had put on for the colder weather. As the adipose tissue (brown fat) is converted into ketones and burned for fuel, LEPTIN is released telling my body that I am fed and in no more need of extra energy – thus blunting any signs of hunger. I'm down to two meals a day – simply because my body doesn't need any more than that right now. The coolest thing are all the benefits I am gaining from this natural hunger cycle. Again, the king of posting-information-right-as-I-need-it, Mark Sisson, wrote this article for his blog just yesterday. How does he do that? J

To your health!


The Myriad Benefits of Intermittent Fasting


Calorie restriction is all the rage in anti-aging circles. A few mice and worm studies seem to show that drastic reductions in food intake over a long period of time have the effect of prolonging life – although I'm not sure I'd call it living. For one, these animals are actually restricted. There's no ad libitum access to food. They'd prefer to eat more, but are prevented from doing so. I guarantee you they're unhappy and, if they could put (cartoonish high-pitched) voice to physiological state, would say they're starving.

Keep reading…

A little more on all this:

Slaying the fasting myth

· January 31st, 2011 2:29 pm MT

Legend has it that fasting or skipping meals will suppress your metabolism and cause you to store fat and burn muscle. This is a myth; in fact, science shows that short-term fasting (up to 48 hours) increases fat metabolism while protecting lean muscle.

Humans evolved as hunters during the ice ages. They ate only when the hunt succeeded and fasted otherwise. In the nineteenth century, native hunter-gatherers typically ate meals only once or twice daily. Although they often fasted more than 18 hours between meals, they had lean, muscular bodies and superior fitness.

At any point in time your body is either fed or fasting. When fed, it burns fuels derived from food; only when fasting does it burn body fat.

To burn fat, you must have normal blood sugar and low blood insulin. Meals can raise blood sugar well above 120 mg/dL (the diabetic level) and insulin will rise to control it; this stops your cells from burning fat. Fasting lowers both sugar and insulin to healthy levels that allow rapid fat metabolism.

Fasting dramatically increases growth hormone levels, which increases fat burning, stimulates muscle growth, and rejuvenates tissues. At the end of a 24-hour fast, you will have a slightly elevated metabolic rate due to increased adrenaline levels. In prehistoric times, this adrenaline helped your ancestors have energy to go hunting on an empty stomach.

If the human metabolism went awry upon missing a meal or fasting a day, we would never have survived the ice ages. Evolution built you to thrive on brief high intensity activity, infrequent feeding, and intermittent fasting. You can have a lean, fit future by incorporating ancestral practices like intermittent fasting into your lifestyle.

Continue reading on Examiner.com: Slaying the fasting myth - Phoenix Low-Carb Lifestyle | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/low-carb-lifestyle-in-phoenix/slaying-the-fasting-myth#ixzz1DUbbGDue


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