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01 February 2011

Nutrition - 1 Feb 2011 - Meeting Notes

Hi, All!

We had a small, but very productive group session today.

The topics discussed included exercise nutrition and exercise itself. In a nutshell, exercise nutrition is not a matter to stress about. It is best to try and not eat within two hours prior and one hour following your exercise. This will increase the ability of your body to burn off muscle glycogen and fat both during and following exercise. It will also increase your insulin sensitivity which will up your fat metabolism for the following 24 hours.

To best illustrate what is happening, picture an engine – that engine runs off of two tanks of fuel. That first tank is your “Aux” tank that gets filled with fuel with each meal. The other tank is always full of energy due to your fat stores. If you eat before you workout then you need to burn through your Aux tank to get to the fuel in your main tank. Most people never work out that long.

Moreover, by hitting your exercise at full intensity for short bursts (intervals) you burn off your muscle glycogen which is then refilled by your fat metabolism mechanism. This is attainable in such short workouts as a “Tabata” which is 20 secs on, 10 secs off for 8 total rounds (4 mins!). Or by lifting an extremely heavy weight, 80% of your max or more, enough times to reach failure – then doing it again for 3 to 5 rounds. This ANAEROBIC exercise will free up room in your liver and muscle stores for the fat to be metabolized into glycogen.

Most people exercise in the AEROBIC capacity. This low level of intensity does extremely little to get the fat mobilized. It does even less when you’ve filled up your tank just prior and have to burn all of that off before you even can think of using the energy stored in the muscle at all times.

Remember, the quality of your energy will also be affected by what you are fueling with. Fat = 110 octane racing fuel. Veggie/Fruit Carbs = 95 octane premium fuel. Pizza, Beans, Fries, Chips, Sports Drinks, Power Bars, etc… = 62 octane third world country fuel.

Eat well. Have more energy.

Exercise with intensity for short durations. Burn more fat.

Attached is a document that will give you some ideas for exercise. There are a ton of options here. Shoot for two days on, one day off, Do no more than 5 days a week. Ask questions. I’m sure that there will be a lot of them.

And yes, I realize this is very unlike everything you’ve been told, read, or heard about. Trust me. It works. The proof is in the proverbial (grain/dairy free!) pudding. Which reminds me, I’ll bring you a custard recipe for Friday!

With Intensity!


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