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07 February 2011

Nutrition - 7 Feb 2011 - Post-game detox and Diet pop

Happy After-The-Big-Game, I-So-Need-To-Detox, Glad-This-Eating-Well-Thing-Isn’t-Hard Monday, Crew!

He-He. So how was your weekend? Did you make it through the big game parties with little to no regression? This is a hard one to do, I know. Very much like the Holidays. As my sister and I found out at Christmas it was best to be the ones doing the cooking. That way there were no “options” that we couldn’t eat! I’m definitely one of you who has very little willpower if it is already made and in front of me. My plan of attack is that I don’t snack much anymore (ending my need to hit up a Wawa or McD’s) and I only eat what I brought into the house (so if I don’t buy the bad stuff, I don’t have it to eat!). It has become really easy to just walk by the things I used to crave and not think twice about it.

That being said – I had a gluttonous game day. I made cookies (double chocolate – no flour!), crackers (sunflower/sesame seed), dip (salmon/avocado), chips (parsnip/sweet potato/LA yam)…even PIZZA! (almond flour crust – the best one I have had yet – chicken, pepperoni, sausage, and yes…cheese and ricotta). I don’t eat much dairy other than butter so that was a “cheat” for me. Oh, and a ¼ cup selection of Ben & Jerry’s, full-fat, full-sugar, full-amazingness ICE CREAM! Which is actually a sensible treat from time to time. That being said, I definitely felt the effect of that ice cream as I ate it late and when I laid down after the game – there was no going to sleep for me. It’s amazing how you can identify the exact culprit of those types of events (soreness, jitters, tired, have-to-loosen-the-belt swelling) once you gain control of your nutrition.

Then there was the diet soda. A full 2.5 serving bottle. It was planned, calculated even. I should not have done it – but it was my “open” choice that once in a while helps curb my ages-old sweet tooth. What else do you drink with pizza? Perhaps I should have read the following guide on it. From Mark Sisson (marksdailyapple.com) – some absolutely compelling reading on the world of the diet drink. Not so “diet” it seems. Be sure to click on the title and visit this in your browser to read all the comments readers have posted about their experiences. It is really an amazing read. And today’s Nutrition Tip Of The Day.

Meeting tomorrow! Sandi is bringing the Almond Flour Banana Bread. I’ve got the toaster oven and butter. We’ll answer questions and talk about your weekend experience as well as supplements. Digestion is Friday. Next week we start on specific foods.

To your health!


P.S. Bonnie has informed me that her blog has a new URL. See it at www.thenakedkitchen.net.

The Not So Definitive Guide to Diet Soda


Before I begin, I want to make something clear: this is not your standard definitive guide to whatever. I’d like to be able to issue a proclamation regarding diet soda that stands the test of time immemorial, but I cannot. Research is still in its infancy, and exactly what diet soda does to those who drink it – if anything – is incredibly confusing. The one thing I can say with any certainty is that, while it’s unfair to say it will kill you or give your unborn child prenatal tumors or make you impossibly obese, you’re probably better off without diet soda. It tastes weird, the list of unpronounceable ingredients is too long for my comfort level, and I’ve seen one too many unsuccessful dieters that seem to live on the stuff.

There are two things to consider when making any conclusions about diet soda’s place in a healthy diet. Do the ingredients used in diet soda pose a threat to your short-term or long-term (or that of your offspring’s) health? Is it a kind of sugary methadone, impeding healthy eating by making it harder to kick the desire for sweet things in your mouth because, well, you’re constantly putting things in your mouth that mimic sugar? Let’s dig in.

Click the link above to read more.

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