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30 January 2012

Nutrition: Breakfast Ideas, 30 Jan 2012

Hello, All! How does the end of January find you? I trust that you’ve made some simple changes in your lifestyle by now. Have you had any trouble incorporating some of these strategies? One of our readers sent in a question just such a issue. Hopefully, you will find something to help yourself out as we answer it.


Side Note: No new welcomes this week. If you have any friends or family who should be getting these emails pass their contact information along so we can help them too! And as always, these emails can be forwarded and are always available for viewing at our blog: http://lancowholefoods.blogspot.com.


Reader Question: “This week [my] family has been enjoying some recipes found on Health Bent, and so far so good.  Just wanted to get your input for breakfast suggestions.  I’m usually running out the door at the last second; head wet, only one sleeve in the jacket, and if it’s a frosty morning my windshield wipers and washer fluid are going at high speed.  I’ve been grabbing a bowl of cereal to eat at my desk, but realize that may not be the best choice.  Do you have any quick breakfast ideas…or something that can be pre-made and re-heated?”


Response: It’s great to hear that you and your family have found some healthy (and from my experience with the Keatley’s – DELICIOUS) meals! Health-bent, as well as, Everyday Paleo (a very kid friendly food site and book since she has 3 of them ages 3 to 15) are excellent resources. Also be sure to check out TheFoodee.com as it is a clearing house of meals from more websites than you can imagine. All made with healthy whole food ingredients and they have that nifty grocery list function.


Now, to your question. That’s a very normal issue with most people. Especially any who have kids. I know that the simple answer “Wake up earlier” is most likely not the one you want to hear since you’re probably dragging yourself out of bed with an alarm (which leads to the next suggestion…”Go to sleep earlier”). So! I have a solution for you. Pre-made breakfasts. Or in my house – leftovers. To quasi-quote Bobby Boucher’s momma “Cereal is the devil.” It may be quick and easy but it has nothing in it you want or anything that will help your body heal and work naturally. Not even granola does it. You need a solid 3 to 4 oz of protein and a couple servings of fat to get going. You can have some carbs or not – it doesn’t really matter. Breakfast cereal is nothing BUT carbs. That’s why you are also probably hungry again within a couple hours.


So what would I eat? Well, since you are not going to be whipping up a quick omelet with sautéed veggies – how about a Chorizo Breakfast Casserole? You can make this crustless quiche-like meal at any time, cut it into servings and tuck it into some Tupperware for a quick grab and go. That’s what we do at my house! Or take some leftover chicken (you should always cook a couple more pieces than you need for the meal) shred it, add some shredded apple and nuke it until it’s hot and steamy. Add a dash of cinnamon and some crushed almonds. YUM! Sarah from Everyday Paleo and Megan from Health-Bent both have many recipes on their sites that are prebake breakfasts. Tomato boats (halve a cooking tomato and crack an egg in it – then bake), Egg Muffins (scrambled eggs with all kinds of great veggies mixed in, baked in muffin tin), Breakfast Pizza (With or without a delicious almond flour crust – see our blog for the crust, add any toppings you want!) Most of these can be prepped beforehand and tossed in the oven while you shower. Or cooked over the weekend and put into baggies for a grab and go. The muffins are great to make mini-size, stick a bunch in a bag and freeze as a back-up. (Remember, just because it’s “breakfast” does not mean you need to be eating “breakfast” foods – a piece of baked salmon and a hand-full of almonds is a delicious way to start your day!)


And now some other thoughts: Next week you will start seeing a weekly work-out on the Monday post. Now that you have pulled your eating in-line it is time to supercharge your fat-burning monster with some high-intensity exercise courtesy of CrossFit Collective. They are all very easy to do, can be done anywhere, and usually take only 10 minutes or less, 3-4 times each week. Also – if I remember correctly, the twice-a-week fitness class from the NH Rec will be starting up after work soon. Take advantage of both!


I look forward to your comments and questions. I will never use your question for a posting unless you have given me your permission. Your privacy is of the upmost importance to me.


To starting the day. With a full tank.




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