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09 January 2012

Nutrition: 9 Jan 2012, New Journey's - with links

Hello and Welcome to 2012!


A new year is upon us and with it appear many roads to becoming happier and healthier mortals. (Let’s face it, if you were a non-mortal wouldn’t fit and fabulous be in the job description?) This time of the year is a significant turning point for many people. They made it through the holidays – intact. And survived the onslaught of relatives. Now that the tree has been put on the curb, the presents packed away with the sweaters, and we are all back to full-time employ we find ourselves staring out of our cars on the daily commute looking at black, black, black. It’s not a rosy thought by any means and it brings many people to start the journey of the most common New Year’s Resolution – to get healthy. (Okay, maybe that isn’t the term but wouldn’t lose weight, be more active, smile more, and all the others roll themselves into the big umbrella of being healthy? I see you nodding!) We are here to make your journey this year one of health, fun, and success. Welcome!


As we always do, I’d like to introduce our newest members first. Stacey, Naomi, Teresa, Tracey, Jaclyn, Kalie, and Tyrel have all come on board to learn and share. Hello! We are happy you are here.


A little housekeeping! Today’s email is being sent to everyone on last year’s list too. As always, these posts are informational only. They are free. There is no requirement for you to read or keep it (though it would be best if you did both AND forwarded it to ten people!). If you would like to continue to receive them all you have to do is – nothing! They will continue to come in as normal. If for you, these posts bring upon you a feeling of wrath of the extent only otherwise brought about by the scourge of the Earth or ex-lovers…well, shoot me a quick email and I’ll quietly take your name off the list. Hopefully, this isn’t you. But if it is, let me suggest that you let these come in and sit unread in some archive Outlook folder until the day you just need something to read other than Req’s and CAR’s. Whew – glad that’s over.


On to the good stuff!


As many of you know – CNH’s Biggest Loser contest is starting on Wednesday, 11 Jan 2012. We will be ramping up the emails and starting weekly meetings again in support of everyone participating. In the most basic sense, we will be bringing you information pertaining to your health and well-being. This will include learning about different foods and how they affect the body; portion sizing; cooking techniques; cooking tools; treats; grocery shopping; and all sorts of really technical information about how your body reacts to what you eat (water intake, hormonal balance, insulin, fat, caffeine, cancer, etc.). But becoming healthy is not just about food (macronutrients) and how to eat it – or not, i.e. fasting. We will also cover all sorts of topics like sleep, physical activity (fitness and play), gardening, medications, supplements, sun exposure, and just about everything else you could think of that touches your life. It all matters and here we take a look at everything. I highly recommend that you do two things:

1.       Visit our Blog – LanCo Whole Foods Health Group

2.       Come to the meetings.

a.       I suggest the meetings from personal experience. All the information to help you reach your goals is out there. A lot on our site. And so much more on all of the Web, plus the many, many books written on the subject. It’s all free too! But I suggest the meetings because even with all that information, even if you are an amazing student, self-teacher, and Mensa – it helps to have someone take that information and put it in a form that’s usable. To share with you experience and help guide you through your journey. (Quick story – I used to have no clue how to eat or what to shop for. I’d spend 3 hours in the store and come out with all the “good” stuff which was actually making me sick. Eventually I decided to get healthy. Bought the books, browsed the web. I struggled, but learned. You don’t have to struggle. Lean on my experience and the group.)


Right now, I plan on holding meetings on the following dates: 13 Jan, 17 Jan, and 20 Jan. They will be from 12 to 1 in the conference room of Building 43 – the Crop Harvest Test Center off of the main drag through campus. If you don’t know where we are, email me and I’ll send you a map. Attendance is casual. Come if you can. Don’t if you can’t. Stay for only 30 mins if that’s all you have. There will be a follow-up email with notes about what we talked about. Bring your lunch! This week we will start by introducing you to Whole Foods eating – complete with a 30 day meal plan with recipes and shopping lists if you want it!


You will see a lot on our blog (and hear a lot from last year’s members) about something called Primal/Paleo. Don’t get hung up on the whole caveman thing. It works and we love it. Yet, we will be working this year to find out techniques and skills work best for you – not any one specific method (hence the new Whole Foods moniker).


It’s time to head back into the shop. Next time you see me you’ll have taken the first step on your new journey – one that will last the rest of your lifetime. (Now stand up and do ten deep-squats!)


A few links before I go:

·         A little motivation courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control (sent out by Mark’s Daily Apple)

·         Kelley Herring, the Healing Gourmet on Obesogens (icky chemicals in our daily lives) – courtesy of US Wellness Meats

·         For those of you who want to know how I’ll be eating over the next month: The Whole 30

·         If you are looking for something delicious to eat – AND make an easy shopping list: The Foodee


Email me any question you have and feel free to share this email and our blog by FB, Blog, Tweet, Email, Stumble, AOL, Sandwich Board, Occupy, Smoke Signal, or any other social avenue you can think of. See you on Friday!


To new journey’s.



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