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28 January 2011

Nutrition - 28 Jan 2011 - Meeting Notes

Hi, All.

Today was an exciting day with many new faces. Thank you all for coming!

We talked at length of portion control in regards to your body’s needs. I will be giving you more information in the future, but as it was, this was a lot of information and I hope that I didn’t bowl you over with it all. Be sure to review the attached information and come in on Tuesday with any questions you may have.

Remember – you cannot start eating this way too early. Start tonight. Yes, you can! Remember – we don’t have any will power. Box it up, clean it out, and give it away. One last pizza is really too much.

Attached are three documents. The first is the Paleo Solution – Quick Start Guide written for your benefit by Robb Wolf. He authored the Paleo Solution (which I have and you can borrow) which is a super well-written and easy to understand reference about whole-foods eating and the chemistry behind it. This is a two page document that outlines the first 5 very easy steps to getting healthy.

The second are the Zone Blocks with a bunch of recipes that have been modified to fit from 2 to 5 blocks. Eat ONE of these recipes and you have your entire meal done – perfectly balanced. There are also a list of one block snacks that can be doubled for 2 block snack times if desired. I’m including the unfavorable carbs list as well since I know many of you will want some pasta or bread. With this, you must be real, real strict on your portion size. If you need more recipe ideas then you can borrow my Zone Meals in Seconds book or register and go online to Zonediet.com – ignore the advertising and just use the recipes that are listed there for free.

Remember, the women are at 12 blocks – the guys range from 15 to 18. Your kids should have 2 blocks – 4 times a day, 1 block – 1 time. Most husbands should be at 16.

Other recipe solutions are found at places like thenakedkitchen.blogspot.com, thefoodee.com, everydaypaleo.com, health-bent.com, and marksdailyapple.com.

The last document is the nutrition log to let you start getting used to using Zone blocks. Fill it out the best you can and we’ll review on Tuesday.

TUESDAY – is our next meeting. Try to make it if you can. Also, try to get me your measurements before that meeting if at all possible. And bring your lunch! We’ll be trading what recipes we made and why.

Last thought of the day, I will be sending out tips from time to time. Today’s tip is always a hotly debated topic until people just give it a shot for 30 days. That’s all I’m asking. 4.3 weeks of not eating any grains. Think of all the white and brown colored food you eat. Make some pasta – then taste it right out of the water you “cooked” it in. It has none. And the stuff that makes it “doughy” is called gluten. Google it. We’ll talk at length about this in a few weeks but for now know that this is the same stuff that makes up wallpaper paste. Yummy, yes? Replace it with delicious, flavorful foods like any of the winter squashes, or over finely chopped Cauliflower, or wilted greens, or… The more color (and less brown or white) the more natural and healthy it is – and the better you will feel. Awesome.

Have a tremendous weekend. I look forward to your questions and seeing you all on Tuesday!


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