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27 January 2011

Nutrition - 27 Jan 2011 - Meeting Reminder

Hi, All!

This week Mother Nature gave us a wonderful opportunity for increased activity. I hope that you took advantage and broke out your snow shovels!

Tomorrow we will be meeting again in Building 43 at noon. You MUST bring a lunch – even if you are not hungry to eat it at that time. We’ll be discussing portion control and food choices. I will be giving out a “prescription” to everyone for the amount of food you should be eating each day to achieve our goals.

Also, bring along your food log and measurements. A pen and paper are always handy.

We’ll be having a few new club members joining us so let’s make them feel welcome! I’m truly looking forward to seeing everyone. J

Nutrition Tip of the Day:

Thinking about eating does make you hungry. It causes the body to release insulin (in anticipation of receiving food) which lowers your blood glucose which makes your brain think that it is starved for fuel (it will use glucose if it is available – otherwise it will run on ketones when it is not) thus releasing other hormones that will cause you to feel hunger.

Note: the brain does NOT control the body – rather it is a massive study in networking with all cells running autonomously – each affecting the others based upon its’ need at the time.

Don’t believe me on the hunger thing? Think of the last time you left in the morning and got so busy that you went until much later (evening perhaps?) before you realized you didn’t eat a thing (or someone mentioned it to you). It is then, and only then, that you “realize” how “hungry” you are. Or you worked through a hunger only to not be hungry again until many hours later when you thought about missing that earlier meal. The fact is that your body was actually not hungry or starving. Your body did exactly what we wanted it to do – turn on the fat-burning engine and start converting stored fat into ketones for energy.

SO – don’t think about what you’re eating or when. Just keep doing your daily tasks. The moment you start to think of food, you will become “hungry.” Instead call one of your club buddies and go for a brisk walk or bury yourself in another task. With this week’s prescription, you will have a finite amount of food for each day (it’s plenty, trust me) – but if you eat it all by 10 AM you’ll probably go to bed with an empty belly.

See you tomorrow!


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