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21 January 2011

Nutrition - 21 Jan 2011 - First Meeting Notes!

Ladies and Gents;
Thank you for joining me today. I do hope that you were able to gain a little insight into the mysterious world of nutrition that will help you unlock the mystery of your health, weight, and fitness.
We went over a lot of things today – most of which very lightly, and a large number of topics. I anticipate you to have many more questions now than you had before we started. As you go through your weekend, please write these down and send them to me. I will do my best to address your questions and concerns in the coming weeks.
Take some time to really decide how deeply you are committed to the health of you and your family. “The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it as long as you really believe 100 percent.” Or as Virgil put it, “They are able because they think they are able.”
Taking this step is the most important – and most scary. As Martin Luther King, Jr. said “Faith is taking the first step – even when you can’t see the staircase.”
Congratulations on becoming committed and taking the first step.
Your homework this weekend:
  • Try at least ONE new recipe from the booklet I gave you or the thousands of recipes available on the web (marksdailyapple.com or everydaypaleo.com are good sources)
  • Continue to log your food
  • Add to your log the numbers I asked for
  • Start to notate how you feel, when you became hungry, and how much sleep you got
  • Open the pantry and mark, in some way (may I suggest skull and crossbones?), the foods that you will not be eating – yes, that will be most of it.
  • If just easing into it, choose one food to cut out of your daily fare (milk, cheese, bread, etc)
  • Talk to your family about what you are doing and why
  • Increase your physical activity by 15 minutes
That shouldn’t be too much to ask! Next week we’ll answer your questions and make more progress into the what’s and why’s. I will decide on our topics based upon the questions you present.
We’ll meet again on Tuesday and Friday of next week. I’ll be bringing meals for everyone on Tuesday so no worries there!
Have a safe and brilliant weekend!

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