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13 February 2012

Nutrition: Lunch Bunch Idea, 13 Feb 2012

Hello! Officially one month in to your health challenge – how do you feel? Are you making progress and hitting your goals? Now is a great time to pull those goals back out (or since they should be already pasted on your wall look more closely them) and check your results. Do you need to make a better commitment in one area or another? Is everything right on track? Should one be tweaked to make it more attainable? Take some time this week and re-evaluate. And don’t forget to re-take your measurements as well as your pictures for the file. Send me a quick email with any questions or struggles you may be having. I might have a trick for you! If not a trick, we can certainly find you a healthy way to treat too.


Now that I am on a holiday theme – Happy Valentine’s Day to you all.


Whew. Glad that’s over. So much pressure! Something far less pressured… Welcomes! To new member Megan! Glad you are joining us!


Without any emails from the group this week (working the swing shift really cuts into our interaction…sorry, gang!) I came to work with-out a specific topic to tackle. That is until one of my co-workers came by and said this, “I really want to lock-down my nutrition but I’m just not going to do it on my own. So I was thinking that you could make doubles and I’ll just give you money for groceries.” GREAT IDEA! (Disclaimer: It’s a great idea because though Miss Stacey and I already cook tons of food for ourselves – and on-the-cheap I might add – it plays into my great idea. It’s one of those self-promotional things.)


Enter – The Lunch Bunch.


Here’s the playbill. You and three (or four) of your friends and/or co-workers decide to eat together every day of the week. That’s pretty easy, yes? You most likely already do this. Each day ONE of you will bring in the food for all four (or five) of you to devour. The next day it’s someone else’s turn. This goes on each day of the week so everyone gets to play host and maybe one of the days you all go out to eat.


The best part? It’s fun! You don’t know what lunch is going to be today. So there’s anticipation. You do know you are going to get to hang out with your friends. So there’s camaraderie and friendship. And it’s cheap! Don’t believe me? Just try it. It is far cheaper for you to make one meal for four adults than it is for you to make five single meals for yourself (or I forbid – eat out four - five times a week).


You get to know more about each other, you will tend to try and outdo another in the creative meal department, sharing food and the experience is a social staple in most cultures – especially ones that are more fit than our own. And it’s supportive. Which study after study, as well as many anecdotal experiences, have proven is one of the best ways to become successful. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes! Try it for a month and keep a log of the food and the costs. I am willing to bet you a really nice supper (of my creation!) that you’ll find it a pleasurable experience.


Did you like last week’s workout? Here’s another fun one. Super easy but effective. Don’t forget to play!


This Week’s Workout

·         30 Leg Lifts (lie on floor facing up, keep back flat and abs tight.  Lift legs 6-8" inches off floor, with legs straight and tuck hands under small of back for support.  Keep legs higher if back starts to arch).

·         100 Bicycle Crunches Do not pull on neck, keep elbows back and use oblique’s to twist torso.  Keep legs as low as possible without straining back.

·         30 Sit-ups  (Use abmat or rolled towed under curve of back, butterfly legs, soles of feet together)

·         100 Jumping Jacks (yes, that's right, Jumping Jacks!) Start standing with feet together and hands at your sides, jump and spread legs apart about shoulder width, at the same time your hands go over head and clap, return to start position.

Do this work-out three times this week like this:

·         3 rounds for time

·         As Many Rounds as Possible in 15 minutes

·         One Minute movement/Thirty Seconds rest - Repeat till Completion.


To eating together. The most heart-full experience of all.


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