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13 June 2011

Nutrition - Week of June 13

Happy Monday, Team!


How did you fare with the fare offered at our fair? Anyone give in and gorge on the free funnel cakes at Family Day over the weekend? They are delicious I will admit; one of my favorite fair foods. However, with a ingredient list that is a definite who’s who of the no-good-processed-foods list you would have been better off taking a bite out of the fresh melon and berry table or even sharing that cotton candy with your beau. (Cotton candy – one ingredient, sugar) It was great to walk around the grounds and see so many of you in lean form! I applaud your continued efforts towards becoming healthy and fit through the application of these fundamental lifestyle principles we have been sharing over the last few months.


If you found yourself on the east end of the grounds you would have walked into the Health Tent which was filled with vendors in our local area. The Rec Center was on hand giving out their 20 class punch cards. Did you get yours? There was also an informational poster about the Biggest Loser challenge this year where several of our members had their pictures front and center! On the back end of the tent was Health By Design who gives the monthly Lunch-n-Learn events here in New Holland. I encourage you to attend these free luncheons (you will need to bring your own meal as they usually provide sandwiches and chips). They are filled with good information on topics such as digestion, sleep, and parasites. You can also attend their free monthly community class given in the evening on Wednesdays. Talking with their representative it turns out that they have a very good selection of supplements available if you are so interested. I bring this up because I was looking for a good set of digestive enzymes. They have a bottle of 90 tablets (1 per day) that costs $30. For professional level enzymes this is a super price. They also have a 1 course treatment for probiotics that you might want to look into if you ever have to take an antibiotic for an illness. Maybe next year we could have our own table?


A couple weeks ago, one of the daily email tips that I receive brought up one of the most important factors in your emotional health. It is a topic very near to me and I want to pass it along to you. Your financial fitness is as important as your physical fitness. If I were to own a gym, I would offer a financial check-up for anyone who signed a contract. Here’s what the email said: “Are you feeling overwhelmed by the stress of finances or debt? The American Psychological Association recommends writing down specific ways you and your family can reduce expenses or manage your finances more efficiently. Then commit to a plan and review it on a regular basis. Although this can create some anxiety in the short term, putting things down on paper and committing to a plan can reduce stress. Source: American Psychological Association” Now is as good a time as any to sit down and take a hard look at what’s coming in and what’s going out. Words like BUDGET do not need to be scary or taboo. Learning how to save 10%, give 10%, and live on 80% is not too far away from learning how to eat 40% carbs, 30% protein, 30% fats. And knowing what you are spending is similar to knowing what you are eating (hint: a journal helps!). It also is the best way to figure out how to cut unsecured debt completely out of your life – just like the unnatural weight you have carried (it added up quickly, didn’t it?) for awhile now. If you have questions or need help – just like with your food and fitness. Come to me in confidence and we will sit down and figure out some strategies to help you reach your goals. I am down to my last 8% of unsecured debt from just 3 years ago. It is as freeing as any other experience out there.


I promised you a larger set of links for the week. Again, the weather and ever-growing list of things to do is keeping me from cruising the internet freely. However, here are quite a number of great articles you will want to take in.


The Naked Kitchen: Recipe and Motivation!

Maple Glazed Grilled Chicken with Grilled Sweet Potatoes and Zucchini - http://www.thenakedkitchen.net/2011/06/maple-glazed-grilled-chicken-with.html#more


From Mark’s Daily Apple:

How to wake up and feel alert - http://www.marksdailyapple.com/how-to-wake-up-and-feel-alert/

Quitting chronic cardio (a success story) - http://www.marksdailyapple.com/quitting-chronic-cardio/

The Definitive Guide to Walking - http://www.marksdailyapple.com/the-definitive-guide-to-walking/


Stuff I Make My Husband: Recipe!

Strawberry pulled pork, blue cheese and apple slaw - http://stuffimakemyhusband.blogspot.com/2011/06/strawberry-pulled-pork-blue-cheese-and.html


Primal Wisdom: This one is really interesting. Techie-alert!

Fat balance versus energy balance - http://donmatesz.blogspot.com/2011/06/fat-balance-versus-energy-balance.html


Health Bent:

The Food Pyramid is Dead - http://www.health-bent.com/nutrition/the-food-pyramid-is-dead


The Healthy Skeptic:

Three reasons why coconut milk may not be your friend - http://thehealthyskeptic.org/3-reasons-why-coconut-milk-may-not-be-your-friend


Everyday Paleo:

Rebuttal to the Recent US Health News from the REAL Experts: http://everydaypaleo.com/2011/06/11/rebuttal-to-the-recent-us-health-news-from-the-real-experts/


Health Habits:

Need Exercise Motivation? Here’s two - http://www.healthhabits.ca/2011/06/04/instant-exercise-motivation-5/ and http://www.healthhabits.ca/2011/06/11/instant-exercise-motivation-6/


Eating and Other Stuff Blog:

The Paleo Cheater’s Blues - http://eatingandotherstuff.blogspot.com/2011/06/paleo-cheaters-blues.html


Modern Paleo Blogger’s:

Weekly Round-up! http://blog.modernpaleo.com/2011/06/paleo-rodeo-064.html


It’s another great week ahead! Enjoy the sun and cool days!


To Fitness. In all forms.




Here are your workouts for the week!

Monday Offsite WOD

Today's Workout:

15 Push-ups (keep core tight, chest touches ground-full range of motion!)

25 Walking Lunge Steps (back knee gently touches ground, torso upright, hands at your side)

15 Minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

Immediately following:

50 Squat for time.

Warm-up: (2 rounds of 15 reps)

Jumping Jacks

Samson Stretch (hold 10 sec. ea. leg)

Shoulder Stretch
Overhead Squat (Use a broomstick)
Super Man

Today's Quote: "We can not tell what may happen to you in the strange medley of life. But we can decide what happens to us—how we take it, what we do with it—and that is what really counts in the end."
 — Joseph F. Newton


Weighted Option: Hold light/medium weight for lunges and squats.


Tuesday Offsite WOD

Today's Workout:

25 Mountain Climbers 

5 tuck jumps

5 Minute AMRAP

rest 1 Minute then;

25 Leg Lifts (keep back flat and pressed against ground. Keep legs lifted 6-8" from ground, stay higher if back arches)

5 Diamond Push-ups 

5 Minute AMRAP

For total Reps

Warm-up: (1 rounds of 15 reps)

Jumping Jacks

Samson Stretch (hold 10 sec. ea. leg)

Shoulder Stretch
Overhead Squat (Use a broomstick)
Super Man

Today's Quote:  "Life is like a taxi. The meter just keeps a-ticking whether you are getting somewhere or just standing still." - Lou Erickso


Weighted Option:  none today


Wednesday Offsite WOD

Today's Workout:

100 *Overhead Squats  (hold broomstick or very light weight in hands)

Only do this movement if you can hold the proper position.  Check link for instruction.  Substitute is 150 Squats if necessary.

Warm-up: (1 rounds of 15 reps)

Jumping Jacks

Samson Stretch (hold 10 sec. ea. leg)

Shoulder Stretch
Overhead Squat (Use a broomstick)
Super Man

Today's Quote:  

The reason people find it so hard to be happy is that they always see the past better than it was, the present worse than it is, and the future less resolved than it will be

http://thinkexist.com/i/sq/as3.gif Marcel Pagnol 


Weighted Option: For extra challenge hold weight for overhead squats.  Empty bar or light dumbbells is good only if you can hold the form.  


Thursday Offsite WOD

Today's Workout: 

300m Run (estimate distance if necessary- Approx. 1-1.5 minute run.)

15 Elevated Pushups (full range of motion; body rigid and chest touches ground every time.  Arms locked out at top. (elevate feet approx. 12-18" for added challenge)

15 V-Sits

3 Rounds for time.

Warm-up: (1 rounds of 15 reps)

Jumping Jacks

Samson Stretch (hold 10 sec. ea. leg)

Shoulder Stretch
Overhead Squat (Use a broomstick)
Super Man

Today's Quote:  Sugar + Refined Carbs = A body that will not look good to you or perform well for you. -Teresa Keeter


Weighted Option: none today




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