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06 April 2011

Nutrition - 6 April 2011 - The Final Step!

Happy Wednesday, Warriors!


Here I sit eagerly awaiting your results from today’s weigh in. From my understanding – this is the final one for the BL Challenge 2011 – is that correct? At the last update that I had we were looking at several of our members on the top three teams and all duking it out strongly to be the top dog! So I am extremely anxious to know how you all did!


In addition, it is the close of your third month (first or second for some) with us and you know what that means… Picture and Measurement time! This time – I absolutely want to get your updated measurements. As well as your beginning and current pictures. Here’s what you need: Full body – front, side, and back. Face – front, side. Measurements are – height, weight, age, wrist (dominant hand, closest ½ inch), stomach (closest ½ inch), hips (closest ½ inch). And no excuses! Let’s get to making some comparisons as well as giving you updated guidance. Some of you may well be ready to INCREASE your food intake while you continue to drop the un-natural weight you’ve been carrying. Yes, it is possible for that to happen!


And here is where we now find out if you truly are making a change to your life long eating habits and fitness. There is no more contest after today. Heck, you don’t even have to reach for your goals anymore. So what are you going to do? May I suggest that you sit down and seriously think about this? Before the celebratory pizza party with skillet cookie sundaes… No really. Take a few moments and reflect on the past 12 weeks and the changes you have made. Were they hard? Are they sustainable? Do you enjoy what you are doing, what you have seen, the community, and learning? Do you think it is beneficial to you to continue on this path? I was blessed to be with you all for this 12 week journey and I am graciously asking for you to continue into the future together. Let me know your thoughts. Share them with us all if you’d like! I am extremely proud of many of your accomplishments and am happy to have been able to bring you this knowledge and lifestyle. Congratulations!


Now – let’s get back to our regularly scheduled programming!


Side note: next week starts a new series of posting. On Mondays you will receive the workouts for the week. On Tuesday’s and Friday’s (unless hail or high water) I will continue our nutrition emails. This will enable you to take a little more control over your own nutrition with less intervention by me as well as giving you plenty of time to really soak up the information and send feedback. Remember, many of the posts are driven by your questions – which is exactly what I want it to be. So keep them coming! And, don’t forget, your suggestions and comments – including new recipes to try or blogs to read – are always welcome!


Nutrition Tip of the Day: “So now that the weekly mandatory weigh-ins are over, what do we do?” Great Question! As always, I suggest only checking your weight from this point forth on your monthly anniversary – the same day you retake photos and measurements. I was just talking with Cristy and John of CrossFit Immortals about the importance of picture taking. They agreed that it is the absolute best way to track progress. So keep snapping away! And read this post from Amy Kubal, FuelAsRx, about weighing in:


Weight a Minute...


A number on the scale - that's all it is, yet it has the ability to make many feel either good or bad.  It is been given the power to dictate success or failure, a positive or negative outlook, or whether or not you wear your tight jeans or elastic waist band sweats.  Why do so many people let a number, (one that is often inaccurate and highly influenced by MANY factors), rule their lives?  And how important is it, really?

Continue Reading Here…


Next stop on the whole-foods train…bacon! Or, What’s in your Fridge?


And now that we know what’s in our respective refrigerators, just what do we do with all of it? Here’s some ideas from my new favorite, though totally unavailable, roller-girl: Melicious.


Someone Else’s Tip of the Day: Today's Tip:  IT'S NATIONAL DONATE LIFE MONTH    Did you know that one organ donor can save up to eight lives? Currently more than 86 million people in the United States have signed up to be a donor. Consider joining them to help reach the goal of 100 million designated donors. Become an organ, tissue or marrow donor and give the extraordinary gift of life. To learn more, visit www.organdonor.gov. Just so you know, I am, along with every other member of my family, a registered organ donor. If it is allowed by your faith – organ donation is the greatest charitable act you can bestow upon another. Would you join us?


Workout of the Day:

Warm-up: 2 rounds of 15 – jumping jacks, shoulder mobility, push-ups, sit-ups, Samson stretch, squats

Work-out: For total distance, reps and steps – 10 minute RUN, 5 minutes of DIPS, 3 minutes of WALKING LUNGE STEPS


Quote/Comment of the Day:  “ I am still suffering from the “dun lap” disease…dun lapped over my belt.” Touché, Eric. : - )


To Exceeding Your Expectations. Then continuing to step forward.


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